January 2018

Legal support & advisory for Swiss start-ups.

Seed Up accompanies and advises emerging companies on the legal issues they might encounter. To establish their digital presence, we were mandated to create their new visual identity and a web platform.

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A visual identity strengthened through illustration

We created a graphic universe specific to the company with illustrations conveying their values. Seeking to distance itself from the conventional legal services, Seed Up opted for a more up to date and dynamic image, reflecting the pleasant side of services.

Preparing for a new investor-shareholder

Legal documents

Management of founders, shareholders and partners

Employee profit-sharing

Intellectual property

les icônes de seed up

Private management of documents

The platform, developed with WordPress, offers different levels of access within the same company. Its users can view all their relevant documentation and receive direct personalized advice from Seed Up.

dashboard de la plateforme seed up pour la gestion de documents