An ergonomic application to facilitate orders for food retailers

This custom-made application is a new way to manage the provisioning of retail stores by facilitating order processing and communication between retailers and wholesalers.

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Our added value

  • Rethinking the entire service to drastically reduce operating costs
  • Clarification and implementation of a product vision with two distinct partners
  • Data architecture linked to two distinct ERPs
  • Change management for all non-expert customers
  • Offline mode


Key figures

  • 6 months from idea to market
  • 500 active customers in the app (90%)
  • +3000 orders per month
  • 13’000 articles in the catalog

Cadar & Culturefood

The Sur Mesure commercial concept was born from the collaboration between Cadar and Culturefood, two sister companies belonging to the agricultural cooperative Fenaco.

Cadar is a dry goods wholesaler based in Val-de-Travers. It supplies hundreds of independent food stores.

Culturefood is specialized in fresh products (vegetables, cheese, meat,..) and offers its quality services throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Both have decided to join forces to offer an innovative concept that simplifies the life of retailers.

Replacing an existing solution

Previously, grocery stores used traditional barcode scanners to select the desired items for ordering. This solution did not provide any visibility on the assortment, product characteristics & alternatives… thus clarification phone calls were necessary.

Nevertheless, industrial scanners are very powerful and accurate and we had to look for solutions to keep a similar level of performance by analyzing the mobile phone camera’s video stream. The swiss solution Scandit was then selected.

A challenge-filled project

Our goals: to allow the customer to order in a simple and uniform way, without the need to understand the specificities of each partner. After analyzing the similarities and differences between the suppliers, we were able to offer a solution tailored to the customer through a unified mobile application.

“ The Sur Mesure project is in fact an application that brought together two companies, Cadar and Culturefood, in order to provide a solution for the customer to make a single order with a single device. ” 

Robert Kyriacou, Commercial Director at Culturefood.

The name “Sur Mesure” was quickly adopted, in reference to the catalog offering a range of products adapted to the specific needs of each retailer. A graphic identity was designed to communicate in a unified way while preserving the DNA of each company.

Sur Mesure : The all-in-one app’

The Sur Mesure mobile application is a complete tool that facilitates the daily life of retailers. It provides retailers with access to a list of personalized products.

By scanning the barcodes of the products, they can add the products to their grocery store and place orders in a very simple way, just as they would with a shopping list.


After placing an order, the articles are delivered directly to the customer’s address, the very next day. Various filters highlight new products, promotions, local and seasonal products as well as organic products (Bio), requested by consumers.

A maximum of value with minimal effort

During the design phase of a digital product, everything is possible and there is a tendency to overdo it. You can easily design features on a graphical board and thereby materialize your product vision.

Apptitude’s vision has always been to deliver maximum value to users with minimum effort. Here are the advantages of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach:

  • Learn, validate or invalidate initial hypotheses
  • A faster Go-to-market
  • Benefit from revenues earlier
  • Faster gathering of user feedback
  • Stay focused on your main value proposition
  • Minimize risks


Prioritization workshops were used to define the scope of the first version of the product.

COVID disrupts annual meeting

Each year, Cadar organizes a major event to bring suppliers and retailers together in one place. This annual event is an opportunity to present new products, as well as to promote exchanges and build relationships. It is also an opportunity to order key products for the holiday season.

Covid made this major event impossible.

We proposed a prompt and efficient solution to digitize the functional part of the event. Retailers adopted the solution and the impact of the cancellation was minimized for the wholesalers.

6 months from idea to market coupled with a 5 year product vision

Since its launch, the application has kept its promise to meet the needs of its users:

On the customer side too, we have a strong feedback of satisfaction, since in a relatively limited space of time, more than three quarters of our orders come in through this application.

Moreover, in general, I would say that for Cadar’s brand image, it brings a new dynamism, a gain in reputation, a rejuvenation of the whole. Based on these arguments alone, the objective has already been achieved.

P. Gremion, Cadar CEO

With Culturefood’s and Cadar’s combined business skills and technical and ergonomic expertise, we joined forces to develop a solid and sustainable application that improves with the feedback and needs of our customers.

Based on our iterative approach, new functionalities already emerge over time. This project marks the beginning of a trustworthy relationship between Fenaco and Apptitude.