The platform to connect freelance labor with local demand.

Atujob is in line with the collaborative economy that aims to match skills of freelancers with a relevant demand. Together, we used an iterative approach to define the digital concept of the platform. As a result, we created their brand identity, the platform's UX/UI and supported their team during development.

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Plateforme Atujob

Visual identity

Atujob’s cheerful logo reflects the brand’s positive, dynamic, and assertive character. The unique iconography integrates job categories elegantly, to support users in their navigation and search queries.

Search and filters to find the right person

Filters make it easy to specify a search query by job category, price, and location (date). With this feature, we achieved a seamless user experience.

Overseeing missions

A dashboard allows you to track job missions in detail and includes a thread with the worker, a schedule, a work progress tracking, and a graphical view of payments.