The innovative online real estate management solution.

Novihome is revolutionizing real estate management by offering a 100% digital management system that is active throughout Switzerland. We have created a tailor-made platform for managers and a mobile application for landlords and tenants.

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Dashboard de la plateforme de gestion immobilière Novihome

An ecosystem of tools for online real state management

With the Novihome team, we have created an ecosystem of tools available in 4 languages to simplify rental management and communication between its 3 main actors: managers, landlords, and tenants. In addition to a web-based business management application, mobile applications are available on iOS and Android.

Animation expliquant le système de communication entre les différentes applications Novihome

Branding & style guide

We designed a complete visual identity for Novihome including a style guide, icons, as well as stationery such as business cards. The graphic choices were made to demystify the complexity of this field and offer a good readability experience. A very particular reflection was brought on colorimetry, in order to offer an ideal usage whatever the support, both on digital tools and on paper supports.

Website & animated video

We also crafted the Novihome website to present the concept of 100% digital management as well as the company. A potential savings calculator highlights one of Novihome’s advantages over market rates. The website is intended to be clear and self-explanatory in order to answer all questions from tenants and landlords. An informative video also reinforces the presentation of the broad concept by highlighting the main functionalities and benefits of this product.