Apptitude at Swiss Biotech Day 2022

On May 2 and 3, 2022, the Swiss BioTech Day was held, one of the most important conferences in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in Europe. This year’s conference was once again sold out at the Basel Congress Center with more than 1,200 participants, 70 exhibitors, and 36 nationalities in attendance.


Our services in the service of technological innovation

At Apptitude, we believe in the notion of useful digital and we think it is one of the pillars of innovation with measurable impact. Accordingly, Clara and Michael, both project managers on our team, went to meet the most influential players in this fast-growing sector to discover their specific needs.

Our achievements and various collaborations in the medical sector for private (Ferring, Electro Medical Systems, DomoHealth) and public (CHUV, Confederation) players, have allowed us to position ourselves as an interesting partner for the development of digital products in Bio-IT and Bio Software, particularly in the post-clinical testing and commercialization phases of Digital Health solutions.

Through various discussions with companies such as Catalent, Flow Technology, Kymos Group, and Philip Morris Products, we confirmed a strong interest in our methodologies.

Therefore, the trend is towards digitalization and the potential is enormous within pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology organizations, as demonstrated by the various indicators in the Swiss BioTech 2022 Report, including the considerable increase in investments within this sector.


The conferences that left an impression

Clara von Kaenel

I was extremely interested in Roche‘s approach to the notion of Personalised Healthcare (PHC) which is at the heart of their strategy and vision for 2030. This strategy is based on 3 fundamental pillars, including digitalization and the use of digital tools for medical purposes.

I believe this vision aligns perfectly with our definition of meaningful digital transformation and highlights the vast array of possible collaborations between Apptitude and the biotech, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Apptitude’s vision is to be able to contribute to the building of useful, ergonomic, and intuitive digital products to meet the growing and demanding needs of this industry and its users, especially the patients who are at the heart of our considerations.


Michael Vuilleumier

I was particularly captivated by the opening lecture given by the President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazzio Cassis, who emphasized the importance of diversity and the importance of close collaboration between the public and private sectors. These strong concepts that are at the heart of our country’s inner workings are a catalyst that propels innovation and progress.

The President opened the debate by asking a fundamental question:

How did Switzerland, a country of mercenaries and farmers in his own words, become the most important innovation hub in the world today?

His answer to this question includes several factors that, according to him, value ideas and attract entrepreneurial personalities: The diversity of cultures, the linguistic richness, the open debate of opinions (not only the most popular but also the most difficult and divisive), the emphasis on error and trial…

President Cassis also pointed out that, in proportion to its population, Switzerland is the country that has received the most Nobel Prizes and the country that registers the most patents each year. The key to this success is the undeniable synergy between our public and academic institutions and the considerable investments of the private sector, as well as the support of organizations such as Swissnex and InnoSuisse that facilitate access to private funding and internationalization.


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