Improve athletes' performance through personalised motor analysis

The Volodalen Pros Application allows health and sports professionals to create Natural Motor Preference analysis reports for an athlete or patient. This report includes a profile, recommendations and a personalised program that can be shared with the patient to complete at home or in the practice.

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The leader in Natural Motor Preference research

Volodalen is a training organisation that accompanies sports and health professionals as well as athletes in their care and performance through the individualization of movement. It is also a movement’s research laboratory that publishes numerous scientific publications on Natural Motor Preferences.

Each year, 200 professional athletes in 40 different disciplines are analysed, advised and followed by Volodalen. There are also 1’500 health professionals (physiotherapists, podiatrists, osteopaths, doctors) and sports professionals (trainers, physical trainers) who are continuously trained in Natural Motor Preferences by the organisation.

Visuels de la plateforme Volodalen

An application for health and sports professionals, to support the athletes

In order to best meet the training and follow-up needs of athletes and professionals, Volodalen develops its own tools: face-to-face training, online training, video capsules, books and specialised platforms.

After a first collaboration, Volodalen asked Apptitude to redesign their existing platform to make the experience more pleasant and the input of information more efficient. Volodalen’s initial wish was to complement their Natural Motor Preferences training with a platform that allows trained professionals to put their knowledge into practice with their patients.

Utilisation de la plateforme lors dune consultation

A multi-disciplinary team for a custom experience

Our team of designers and developers worked closely with Volodalen’s researchers, engineers and trainers through various workshops. Together, we started from the existing platform and theoretical training materials. We then developed it into a user experience that can be applied with the athlete, without a screen interfering with the relationship and interactions between practitioners and their patients.

The functional and technical designs were carried out in parallel in order to define a relevant, realistic and efficient platform. The technical analysis allowed us to describe the business rules for reports generation and personalised recommendations. During this phase, we also conducted tests and further defined the most risky developments, like: switching from the platform to the mobile part if the practitioner wishes during a session, or generating a PDF analysis report in real time.

Ateliers de conception

Key points

  • Allow practitioners to put into practice what they have learned during Volodalen trainings
  • Design a platform that evaluates the Natural Motor Preferences of a patient in real time: balance, motor skills, coordination, power, endurance, reflexes…
  • Offer tailored-made exercises for the patient, which are visible and explained on the practitioner’s smartphone
  • Define a personalised program that helps patients reach their goals
  • Send reports to the patients, explaining their motor skills as well as the exercises adapted to their pathologies and goals
  • Develop a back office allowing the Volodalen team to continuously add exercises
  • Set up a licensing system, managed by Volodalen
Exercices sur lapplication

The Volodalen platform in numbers

  • About 400 active users
  • More than 2’000 reports created
  • 1’034 hours for the project (200 hours of design, 834 hours of development)


“Congratulations to Volodalen for their application. “Natural preferences” become accessible. This is what a good report provides, allowing everyone to better understand the functioning of their body and mind. Thank you for your work!”

William Ferrer – Physiotherapist and Osteopath (source)
Branding Volodalen

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