Artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to assist talent recruiters.

Well-trained in behavioral intelligence techniques, Caroline Matteucci, founder of CM Profiling, digitizes behavioral analysis through Deep Learning. Cryfe™ is the result of a partnership bringing together key players in education, advanced technology, and data protection to develop a unique product for the observation and analysis of congruence, as well as body language.

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State-of-the-art algorithms to analyze body language

Powered by algorithms using artificial intelligence, Cryfe™ automatically observes and detects different verbal and non-verbal cues (voice intensity, hand positioning, head movements, facial expressions, etc.).

The analysis of these clues then allows to highlight moments of congruence and incongruence that can potentially demonstrate consistency or inconsistency between the ideas we have and the words we say as they are expressed.

Aimed primarily at recruiters, the solution can be used to perform a complementary analysis of their job interviews and to revisit key moments through the VIP system (Validation of Incongruences Practices).

Discover the possibilities offered by Cryfe in the video below :

How our expertise contributed in creating the product

Beyond being a software development partner, we supported CM Profiling in creating a clear product vision with a roadmap outlining key steps to ensure the successful arrival of such a project in an ever-evolving market:

  • Carry out a research project in AI for the recruitment market, promoting the human and body impact, and identifying extended application markets (More about it : Analyze your own congruence)
  • Assist the startup in the definition and prioritization of higher value-added features
  • Design ergonomics adapted to the processes and practices in the field of recruitment
  • Create a Web platform in line with the startup’s objectives and resources
  • Collaborate in the commercialization of a prototype resulting from an Innosuisse project in which two universities participated (IDIAP / HEAI-FR)
  • Optimize and deploy the algorithms on an extensible infrastructure (scalability, CPU + GPU processing…).
apptitude cm profiling interface

A close collaboration to fully explore the potential of AI

CM Profiling was able to bring together the talents needed to develop the Cryfe project by selecting partners who each brought a specific value to every stage of the project.

The result is a multi-disciplinary collaboration that has carried the project forward and enabled the creation of an ergonomic and efficient product: a powerful authenticity analysis software, supported by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, that augments people to recognize their own cognitive biases in an impartial manner.

The different actors & roles during the project:

CM Profiling – Project management and business requirement design. Training of Artificial Intelligence models using interview annotation.

IDIAP – Institute in charge of algorithm research and development.

HEIA-FR – School in charge of the development of the engine behind the analysis system.

Apptitude – Integration of artificial intelligence algorithms and creation of the Cryfe platform.

Coteries – Marketing and communication.

AD HOC Resolution – Data protection specialist.

Lucas Georges & Pixelpirate – Website design and development :

Cryfe™ at CES Las Vegas 2021!

For the third consecutive year, Switzerland has a strong presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) thanks to Swisstech, an initiative made possible thanks to the support of several key players in the Swiss startup ecosystem: Switzerland Global Enterprise and Presence Switzerland, as well as Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and the international Swissnex network.

The Cryfe™ project was selected by Swisstech, together with 23 other startups and innovative companies, to represent Switzerland at the CES Las Vegas fair this year. Furthermore, CM Profiling is one of the 4 Swiss start-ups, founded and managed by a woman, which has been selected (among 34 others) to join the Swiss pavilion at the CES. We are very proud to accompany CM Profiling in this entrepreneurial adventure and to discover the great opportunities that this additional visibility will bring to the project.

image du logiciel cryfe et le logo ces las vegas 2021

A word from the client

The choice of a partner to commercialize the prototype received at the end of the Innosuisse project was crucial for CM Profiling. Apptitude not only developed the software, but also had to manage the integration of the algorithms and work with the entire CM Profiling ecosystem. The challenge of bringing together people from different backgrounds to access their full potential was always high, and within Cryfe’s development, that goal was met.

I appreciated Apptitude’s availability, responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and open-mindedness. I therefore highly recommend them

Caroline Matteucci
Founder and CEO