Continuous education in an innovation agency

Continuous education at Apptitude

In my role as a partner in charge of our staff, I am always looking for ways to encourage our team members to develop and acquire new skills throughout their careers. At Apptitude, continuous education is therefore strongly promoted and supported.

We provide a library of company-sponsored training. An annual budget of CHF 1,500 per year and 5 training days are made available to each employee and everyone can propose a training course that is appropriate for their role in the company.

These training courses have been selected based on feedback from our team or have been naturally established by the inherent needs of our constantly evolving business. The type of training available is very open and can range from professional SCRUM certification to first aid courses, to language courses or public speaking awareness sessions.


A few words from our team


After managing various projects at Apptitude, I decided to attend a Professional SCRUM Product Owner Certification (PSPO) course to validate my knowledge of agile project management.

I have gained a better understanding of the very important role of the product owner and the scope of his or her responsibilities for the success of a project. This experience motivated me to continue my training in project management.

Jeremy – Full Stack Developer, SCRUM wizard 🧙🏽‍♂️


In our profession, it is necessary for a designer not only to stay up to date but also to acquire complementary skills that allow us to gain a holistic view of the industry.

Always eager to master the managerial, business, and marketing aspects of digital product creation, I naturally pursued an MBA in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My position in an agency like Apptitude has been ideal and key to the success of this executive master.

Michael – UX / UI Designer, MBA in hand 🎓


Following a professional reorientation, I joined the administrative team of Apptitude and undertook a training course on the basics of accounting.

This training allowed me to refresh my knowledge of the different accounting concepts I learned during my BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in the hotel industry.

Amaury – Office manager, Excel master 🗂️


I’m currently attending the Cambridge English B2 course, with the main objective of improving my comprehension and expression skills in English in order to facilitate my exchanges with clients as well as with our partners.

These courses take place in the evening and give me the opportunity to go “back to school” and meet other professionals who have made a similar effort.

William – UX / UI Designer, Soon to be bilingual 🦜


I signed up for the Public Speaking course because, as a Business Developer, I am often in contact with clients or business partners and it seemed appropriate to improve my verbal and non-verbal expression skills to be more effective in my missions.

Maëlys – Business Development trainee, Ready to go 🦈


Interested in our company?

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