Looking back on 2019, a fruitful year in many ways.

Axel Pasqualini

Axel Pasqualini Partner · Director July 2024

With 2019 already behind us, 2020 begins with a clearer vision for Apptitude: to deliver ever more ambitious and interesting projects while reinforcing our strengths. Last year was mostly driven by a growing diversity and complexity through the many projects we delivered. we also enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with truly visionary clients.

But before getting carried too far away, let’s look back on the past year through some of Apptitude’s 2019 highlights!


Meaningful collaborations

We carried out complex and diverse projects that put the talents of our team at the forefront of our clients’ and partners’ visions. Here are a few examples of what kept us busy in 2019:

  • NirLab©: the mobile application for instantaneous spectrometric analysis
  • Smarthome® ECOsystem: The home automation system to control your home seamlessly
  • A platform for creation, management, and production of laboratory procedures for one of the leaders in the chemical industry
  • The 50th anniversary of the WEF 2020 (World Economic Forum) in an interactive timeline presentation
  • HPCi, the mobile application for epidemiological alerts in the Canton of Vaud
  • Branding and design for Bestag©, real estate agent acclaimed by the press for their unique approach to real estate sales
  • Web design for Goldtest®, the official outfit of the Swiss Ski Schools
  • … And many others!

Apptitude had the opportunity to work in collaboration with other Swiss agencies such as Horde, Inetis and Trio on shared projects that brought the best of our collective efforts to our clients. We also discussed with Liip about their unique organizational approach based on horizontality and holacracy.


A more diverse and skillful team

In 2019, 5 new team members joined us: 4 developers and 1 marketing/communication specialist. Strengthened by these new profiles, our team continues to grow and acquire new useful skills, also in part, through our support for continuous education.

Welcome to Ana, André, Jonathan, Malik and Dany !

A few symbolic numbers

Here are two symbolic numbers of Apptitude’s progress for the past year. We entered the top 100 largest IT companies in French-speaking Switzerland, and we achieved 3 million francs of sales revenue! In addition to this progress, in June 2019, Apptitude Sàrl became Apptitude SA. This change is most emblematic and marks the perpetuation of our company over time.

Our vision for 2020

We continue to consolidate our position: Apptitude is eager for innovative, challenging and complex projects. We work on a wide range of digital products including mobile applications, web platforms, business tools and connected objects. We have now updated our services page to reflect this vision and we look forward to unveiling more in the coming weeks!

We are most excited to discover the opportunities that 2020 will bring!