Datamama, a participative science app about pregnancy

Datamama is a mobile app that allows pregnant women and young mothers to support healthcare research while getting reliable information about pregnancy.

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Support healthcare research

Healthcare research on pregnant women and postpartum (the 8 weeks’ period following the birth) is often complex and forsaken. As a result science doesn’t tell us much about the medical factors that can influence pregnancy. Datamama aims to solve this by soliciting direct support from women.

Datamama offers simple weekly surveys to pregnant women, the collected data will then contribute to various research programmes. At the same time participants will have access to articles and reliable advice from gynaecologist experts. The app also includes gamification mechanisms where users can win various pregnancy-related prizes. For example: baby sleeping lessons, bola pregnancy necklace…


“I was lucky to work on the Datamama project while I was 5-6 months pregnant. I felt I was directly contributing to healthcare research.”

Barbara Chabriw • UX & UI Designer chez Apptitude

A project supported by the CHUV maternity

The project was born out of PhD student Eva Gerbier’s thesis, at the CHUV obstetrics service. It was initiated by Pr Alice Panchaud, pregnancy medication specialist, and David Baud, director of the obstetrics service.


Video introduction to Datamama produced by the CHUV maternity team.


Apptitude was contacted by Eva and her team to continue the user experience and graphic design of an application that was already under development. The app was developed in Flutter (a hybrid and open source language) by Nohan Budry and Didier Page, two students from the Institute of Information & Communication Technology (IICT HEIG-VD).

Iterating over the existing model with the researchers and developers, we improved and finalised the user experience with the help of various wireframes.

Wireframes allow to forget about the aesthetic and to focus solely on the user journey features and content

A branding and logo fueled by ambition

During a workshop the project team and Apptitude discussed what were the application values, personality and positioning. Based on these metrics, our designers created a lean graphic and logo design that would stand out in the pink-coloured pregnancy app ecosystem.

Participants answer to surveys that look like chat discussions

A name that says it all

The project’s original name, PREGrec (association of “Pregnancy” and“Record”), sounded too technical and far away from pregnancy and young mothers. So we recommended finding a more suitable name, one that would resonate to a larger audience, be easier to remember, and would be more inclusive for its targeted users. And ideally with a domain name still available on the various app stores.

Datamama data from mama for mama

MomRecord, MediMum, Ballooon, PregSci, Pregnantist… Thanks to our structured ideation methodology we came up with many relevant ideas, as well as more creative ones, although we will not mention all the wacky names we came up with! In the end, Datamama was the one everybody fell in love with.


“Thank you for this great collaboration, you have helped us reshape our application for the better!”

Eva Gerbier • PhD student at the CHUV and project lead for Datamama


Do you want to contribute to all mothers-to-be?

For more information about Datamama :


And finally, Apptitude helped the team to create a website presenting the application:

SSR, RTS and 24heures are talking about it.

To further promote Datamama Apptitude also created a flyer to be distributed in maternities and gynaecologists offices

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