Rémy, our apprentice, successfully obtained his CFC in computer science!

Companies have a responsibility towards future generations. Welcoming young people for a discovery day and giving them the opportunity to do an internship or an apprenticeship is an integral part of this.

In 2017, we embarked on this adventure with Rémy, who just completed his apprenticeship as a Mobile App Developer by scoring 5.3/6 on his final exam. To mark the start of his new professional training, we look back on his journey with our team, after a proper team celebration:

Which skills did you develop the most during your apprenticeship?

This apprenticeship allowed me to acquire many skills. Among them, Flutter, a language developed by Google, which allowed me to code from scratch a business management application with different functionalities such as vacation request management, employee directory, and convenient shortcuts as well as the possibility to authenticate with a Google account.

I also participated in the development of this same management application in PHP Symfony. During my last year of training, I was able to contribute to various client projects.

This apprenticeship also helped me learn how to work in a team on projects of various sizes, using flexibility and communication to solve a variety of challenges.


What were some of the challenges and difficulties you encountered during this experience?

I was confronted with a number of challenges during this experience. Learning different programming languages simultaneously and putting them into practice in parallel is one of them.

I managed to overcome this aspect of the job by taking the time to prepare beforehand and to familiarize myself with it by searching for the appropriate documentation using different sources.


Tell us about your best memories at Apptitude

One event that particularly stood out for me was the archery-tag team building and more generally all the team outings and activities that consolidate the bonds between Apptitude employees.

Can you give us some key facts & figures for the last 4 years?

The projects…
I have participated in more than 12 different projects, ranging from a simple landing page and the creation of data migration scripts to the complete development of a mobile application.

The courses…
The apprenticeship pace was 4 days at the company and 1 day at the school.

The modules…
I completed about 5 modules in school per year, on different topics such as Agile project management, code development for microprocessors, or computer security.

Bought about 236 mangas in 4 years, including the complete Bleach or Hunter X Hunter !!!

The trips…
About 160 round trips Renens – Geneva for my classes.


What are your plans for the future?

Looking ahead, I would like to continue my education with an accelerated maturity program (post-CFC) and then undertake a Bachelor’s degree in computer software in order to complete my professional skills.

At the same time, I plan to develop my own mobile applications with the perspective of creating a video game in the near future.


To conclude

Four years enriched by lessons learned on both sides, as much for Rémy as for Apptitude, with joys, victories but also sometimes doubts and challenges. Our entire team thanks Rémy for his commitment and wishes him all the best for the rest of his studies.

Rémy, come back to see us when you are done with your Bachelor/Master, our door is open !

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