The Fablag association – Inspire, experiment, share

Fabrique de l’Agilité, or Fablag, is an exchange network among enterprises about agile practices in various disciplines: strategy, operations, logistic or management.

Agile animal farm a workshop led by Pierre Neis
Agile animal farm a workshop led by Pierre Neis during which we had the pleasure of roleplaying a pig seagull fox bull to reflect on the different mindsets of the participants photo credit <a title=Fablag href=httpswwwlinkedincompostsla fabrique de l agilitC3A9 nous C3A9tions plus dune centaine de participant activity 6983820782040719360 7gQ4utm source=shareutm medium=member desktop target= blank rel=noopener>Fablag<a>


The association regroups around forty members, companies or organisations, mostly from french-speaking Switzerland. It organises meetings, workshops, and feedback sessions, all of them fueled by research works from a team of the School of Engineering and Management (HEIG-VD).

In spring 2022 Apptitude joined Fablag following the advice from Michel Perrin, director of Uditis. Our goal was to discuss with local companies that have various agile practices and to help broadcasting more broadly these types of enterprise organisations. Goal achieved after the first month of membership!

Manon Peterman and Céline Desmarais during the introduction conference


A day dedicated to agile practices for organisations of all sizes and fields

Barbara, Jean, and Pierre, curious of agile practices should it be project or enterprise oriented, went to the first conference organised by the Fablag association. The conference was held on the 6th of October at the Haute École de Gestion de Fribourg (HEG-FR).

How to make 21st century management stand out?

Success (or fail) testimonials of french-speaking Switzerland organisations, agile experiments workshops, research round table, … All that with a great dose of humour!
Everyone followed a journey among multiple choices centred around some themes.


A brief recap of what we explored

  • “Chi va piano va sano” Researchers note the importance of favouring the progressive autonomy inside the companies instead of burning steps. (Anne-Sophie Dubey & Caroline Mattelin-Pierrard)
  • Agile is behavioural. Our states of mind are influenced by the groups in which we evolve. Larger groups reduce the implications and encourage bad behaviours. (Pierre E. Neis)
  • Agile is organised around 4 dimensions: strategic agile (Lean Manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing…), operational agile (SCRUM, SAFe, BizDevOps…), agile management (Théorie X and Y, Empowerment, Autodetermination), work organisation agile (shared workspaces, remote work, …). (Manon Peterman and Céline Desmarais)
  • Implementing an agile transformation at a larger scale for a pharmaceutical production site of 600 collaborators is possible thanks to a multimodal approach. (Nicolas Tièche)
  • Empiricism and change management are fundamentals to succeed in an organisational transformation. (Clément Demaurex)
  • Agile can be received with some degree of apprehension. It is crucial to accompany these transformations and quickly identify the enthusiasts, the reluctants … and the fake enthusiasts… (Marc Rochat)
  • OKR-like objectives must be inspiring, simple, and transparent, this is the most important. (Rémy Tzaud)
  • The most fun slide of the day with an amazing R.O.T.I. 🍗⛱(TN: french word for roast) (Farhdine Boutzakhti)



A huge thank you for this day filled with knowledge and inspiration from very diverse organisations! What a pleasure to see so much enthusiasm around agile practices.
Congratulations to the whole organisation team for this successful conference. While we wait for the next edition, if these subjects interest you, join the association!